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02 rubicon problems wont move

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so i have a 2002 rubicon 500. the motor runs and no parts are missing. the dash flashes -- where the gear selection should show up. D1 D2 ESP also flash (not a code flash). the atv wont move at all except for pushing in neutral. i started by trying to retieve codes which i think i got a code 5, then tried re intializing everything and it goes right back to the flashing. i removed the angle sensor and followed others steps on checking the resistance and it works, goes up to 2.11 k ohms and down to like .2 k ohms. i removed the shift motor and cleaned it, it spins with 12 volts but cant get the atv to send power to it. also with the shift motor out i turned the gear that moves the swash plate and noticed that the flat shaft that turns the angle sensor never moved, turned the gear atleast 4 roatations and doesnt move the angle sensor shaft at all.
im not sure if i should keep hoping for a sensor problem that i will find some day or i should tear that hondamatic out and check things for obvious problems internaly.
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thank you ttwheelsquad for the reply. i will have to check out what you said. you wouldnt happen to know what size adapter i need to check the oil pressure? i pulled the plug on the left side at the front and used the pull start to turn it over and it made a nice mess of oil on the floor. would the hondamatic being bad cause it to not reintialize tho? even without starting the motor or trying to get it to do anything the dash still flashes and the shift motor doesnt seem to be getting power to even try to do anything. i hope its not the hondamatic and ecm both went bad
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