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I have an Fl350 got it running but ever since i got it, it really make that "tink tink tink" 2 stroke noise anybody have an idea on what i need to fix been messing with the jets switched em out a few time but feel like im chassing the wrong problem
Have had two after market cams from hotcams them selfs and I have been having a problem with them breaking in half. Wanted to know what you guys think abt it and was wordering if theres any thing I can do to fix it
Engine no run and tires no spin, 600 bucks. Getting it on the truck was absolute hell. Got home and dragged it around in reverse, boom wheels are free, fresh battery, gas, and ditched the "airfilter" and blasted some starter fluid, fired right up. Honda.
2001 TRX 400EX Big Bore 440. Hot Cams Stage 1. K&N Air Filter. 450R front suspension. Pro Circuit T4 Slip-On
All original 1 owner quad
I have a 1996 Honda fourtrax 2wd setup for pig hunting and also for farm work and play.
I switched out my 300ex front platics to a 400 ex front end..Its all for fun learning different garage hacks ..might not look the best but i had fun learning how to switch front ends lol
I got a fourtrax and the mufflers cracked all the way down and I need front left and right axles
A bit to clean for an off-road machine lol
So im looking for a honda 300ex or honda 400ex under $1,000. I am just asking for help looking. If you find anything send me an email, ([email protected])
Purple not my choice how I got it
I picked this 2004 Honda Rancher 400AT up a few years ago, it had less then 300 miles on it. It almost has 2000 on it now. Never had one problem with it. This replaced my 86 Honda 250 fourtrax that o had for over 20 years. The not shifting thing took some getting used to but I can honestly say I...
Found this diamond in the rough a few months ago, it was sitting in a mans outbuilding and left under a cover for 15 years. The story given to me was the property belonged to the guys elderly father and his father parked the quad (in working condition) 15 years ago after he had had a stroke...
took it to dealer no help could it be the fly wheel
When I press any of my brakes the gear light will blink
1986 Honda TRX 250 (Multi-color)
1998 Honda 300 Fourtrax (Green)