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Your Standard ATV Gear

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We have a little toolbox in our ATVs. We have some racks that we could regularly attach things to. What items do you regularly keep in or on your ATV?

Right now I have a small set of wrenches, couple of pliers, an adjustable wrench, a battery tender, a low pressure air gauge, and a couple of screwdrivers. I have a 6' tow strap and a ratchet strap.
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cooler and cell there anything else ??
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Shady ....... Don't for get the music, cup holder, and cold one.
don't care for music, don't need a cup holder, why ?, my hands work just great..seeing how i am on manual shift Honda !, as for the cold one, what ya think is in the cooler ?!..lmfaooo. as i said, a cooler and cell phone, nothing else, i'm on a old Honda..they don't die !
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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