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WTB: trx300fw various parts

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Hey I've been occasionally looking for some parts for my two trx300fw's

Looking for

a nice clean 97 tank in red

gray "honda" badge (Screw cover?) on the little dash thing

rear storage compartment bars (rack middle piece)

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"fs" = I take as for sale , if so I would guess you didn't like the way the 2 inch lift rode --------- they still sell the mud flares , but they are pricey , I think they are right at $60 each , a while back I was short front flares and made some out of that rubber landscape border stuff , the commercial type and not the plastic home depot stuff , it really didn't look half bad , I wound up getting a set and changed them , but if I really needed to I would do it again
Jeeps are cool , I was into Broncos , wish I could have a side-by-side but where we ride won't allow it , too narrow and too many turns -----no doubt that a lift kit makes them ride rougher , but for the type of riding we do , I think the stiffer ride is better , we very seldom go over say 10 MPH going thru ruts and holes , if you were to bounce on every bump you would really be all over the place
1 - 2 of 8 Posts