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wrist pin clearance

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Have 04 foreman 450 was checking top end, wrist pin was wore and so was rod ordered new crank kit new parts seem to have excessive clearance
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yes it is all stock bike only has 3 thousand miles never seen one like it before piston tollerance is fine just ristpin to rod wore new parts seem to have excessive clearance
between wristpin and rod
I just recieved new parts last night so I havent had chance to mic yet, old rod and pin seam to have brass smeared on them to make matters worse put back out lifting engine out of bike to bench
well just hobbled out to shop I was just looking at new parts and went to get mic and caliper and old wristpin, old wrist pin is 50 mm long, one they gave me is 69 mm long and there bothe .750inch diam guess its another trip to dealer
Its funny though have same diam on pins and new pin and rod have slop enough just by rocking that I know it will hammer just like old one did
I was talking about brand new parts original bad parts was obivious ristpin rod prob, here is update though went back to honda got wiseco wristpin fits perfect in new rod oem wristpin was bad
by the way though thanks for your thoughts kept me thinking honda kept saying it couldnt be their part had me thinking I was putting in crank kit over valve slop when I knew I was right just second guessing myself as I am getting older and not drinking as much
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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