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wrist pin clearance

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Have 04 foreman 450 was checking top end, wrist pin was wore and so was rod ordered new crank kit new parts seem to have excessive clearance
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Did you order it for a stock bore?
Hmmm Without looking at the specs i would make an educated guess that you either have a bad production rod or pin??? not too sure without touching it. But I'm thinking you are not supposed to have play.
can you grab the piston and the rod and push it down and pull the piston up or twist the rod and piston in opposite directions is there slop that way?
pulling the back always sucks. sorry to hear that.

I just recieved new parts last night so I havent had chance to mic yet, old rod and pin seam to have brass smeared on them to make matters worse put back out lifting engine out of bike to bench
Are you sure it's a rod or wristpin knock and not a bearing?? or valve train issues?
So my first asumption was right. Great glad you got it taken care of bro.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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