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A reminder that this is my first ATV.
I bought this mainly to plow snow with since we moved to the mountains in Colorado at 9200 feet.
It will also be used to go get the mail in summer and ride around our mountain subdivision.
There are some off road trails in our subdivision.

I bought this ATV in December 2017 with 2600 miles.
Oil was changed before buying it.
I knew it would require some work to bring it up to my standards.
The carburetor was not right but it ran OK.
It got me through the winter to plow snow with.

The only mods to it were a Big Gun Exhaust and a K&N air filter.
The rest was untouched when I disassembled things.

I have rebuilt the carburetor.
New front bearings, seals and brakes.
New rear brakes.
Changed all fluids.
Adjusted the valves.
Installed a winch and plow.
A thorough going over in general.

The carburetor needed a diaphragm and jetted.
Stock pilot jet and a 134 main jet in it now.
The main jet was a guess on my part from researching online.
I run it with the air box lid removed.

The right front bearing started squeaking this summer from riding it around so I checked it out.
The bearing was shot and grease everywhere ruining the brake shoes.
The drum seal on that side when installed from the factory was rolled under for about 2 inches.
I know this was done at the factory due to the factory bolts for the brake plate still had the yellow factory thread locker on them.
The brake shoes were original. They had the yellow paint on the shoes and springs.
Even though the drum seal was not installed properly there was no dirt inside the drum.

The differential fluids looked like new.
I changed them anyway.

The valves were a little tight. To be expected IMO with that many miles figuring they were never done.

The plow I installed in January in the garage. Cold. My garage is metal building, 40 x 36 with a high roof and no insulation.
Hard to heat with the propane heater I have, not big enough.
All electrical was soldered and shrink tubed.

It runs good.
I can spin the rear wheels in 2 wheel drive from a slow speed by nailing the throttle.
I will have to check the plug color in a while to check the jetting and carb. settings.

The cold start issue I was posting about I have figured out.

Thanks for reading my gibberish.
I look forward to enjoying this ATV.
Thanks to all of you who have responded to my previous posts.


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Welcome to the forum.

I rebuilt a friend's 680 last year. I do NOT like working on the Rincons. That said, his bike went through heck and back and it has definitely been a TOUGH bike.

I did a Big Red gear reduction in his when I did the rebuild.

He said his old 650 seemed to have more power/ was faster than his 680. He much prefers the disc brakes up front on the 680 though.

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Just a whole lot packed into a small space, and instead of gears you have computers, valves, and oil pressure running everything.

I can pull a footshift motor and rebuild it in a weekend working at a reasonable pace.

Pulling that hoss of a Rincon motor was tough, and then when I got it back together it ran fine but wouldn't shift into 2nd or 3rd.

They aren't as common as other Hondas so out of the 10 or so threads I could find online describing the problem, no one ever posted a solution.

I took the front end of the motor off looking for a "there's the problem" didn't find anything, put it back together and now it works. LOL

Just not as easy to work on as other Hondas. With the BRGR that 06 will now pop a wheelie. Waiting for Rapid Revolutions to do another batch of shift modules so I can put one on so it will shift properly in auto mode again.

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I understand what you're saying.
I bought the Rincon for it's size to plow snow with.
Also Honda quality.
We'll see about that.
The wife has driven used Honda cars for years.
Currently drives a 2007 Accord bought in January of 2012.

My new neighbor up here in the mountains has 2 Rubicons.
Loves them. Both bought used.

I opted for this one because they are hard to find used.
Liked the independent rear axle over the straight axle.
It was close to us(about 30 miles away) and the guy delivered it.

I hope I don't have to star putting time, money and parts into it.
I'm not rough on my stuff.

I was happy with the way it plowed snow this past winter and it will be better this coming winter because it runs, starts better and the brakes work better.


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My friend sank his about 4 times IIRC before it started smoking. He goes wide open throttle everywhere. Doesn't maintain anything. Had about 4500 miles on it give or take when I rebuilt the motor (he rolled it end over end down a hill and busted the original meter at about 4K miles so actual mileage is a guess).

If his held up to all that a well cared for Rincon should last forever!

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I do exceptional maintenance on everything we own, including the buildings.
Back in the 70's I used to drag race 1/4 mile.
I learned if you run it hard you will be wrenching.
The stuff today is better but it's not bullet proof and I wrench only when necessary.


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Sounds like you keep on top of your ATV’s, should last you a lifetime treating it that way. I’d try and get that airbox kid fitted though, I understand you have a K&N along with an aftermarket exhaust but you’ll find it will (noticeably) run better with the lid on once jetted correctly.
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