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Won't shift gears

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I have a 2009 trx 420 manual shift 4x4, I was riding it on 5th gear and it locked up on me, brought me to a complete stop. Then it only was able to go on first gear or reverse, was told I needed new friction plates so I installed new ones as the old ones were no good. Was able to bring to fifth gear for a moment and came back to having the same problem, I tried adjusting the clutch and began to click each gear but won't move. I'm stumped and don't have much experience fixing atvs, any suggestions?
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Ok, now how do I know if my 4th gear is bad? Just general wear and tear? I haven't much experience with this, this is my first "big" problem. Is the 4th gear located by the friction plates or on the other end?
Better yet, if it's the fourth gear that's no good anymore, is it expensive to replace? Should I just replace all gears and how do I go about changing it? How do I find it?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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