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Won’t start

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2014 Honda 500 fm1 : I replaced the starter motor. Put everything back together, charged battery, turned key on and hit starter button and it won’t start. Starter motor engages and turns over engine but it doesn’t want to catch. Now when I give the pull cord a haul it starts right up. With the charger hooked up I tried starting it several times and maybe 1 out of 10 it will catch and start the bike up. Just turns over forever . Also the dash seems to cut out and reset when I hit start button... checked fuses and replaced acc fuse already. Need some input...
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The display will dim or blink when you hit the start button if the battery is weak.
You probaly just need a new battery. The bike starts off the battery and may have enough amps to start by pull start but using the starter may draw the amperage too much to start.
When you say "catches" that throws us off to starter gears. Do you mean turn over?
Got a video of it?
I like this idea. Also Shade suggested bad connection somewhere. The first thing I thought of was a bad connection at the battery or the the battery ground at the frame is bad.
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