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Winch wiring on same side as exhaust ok?

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Hey all,
2007 Rancher 420. Just got my winch and looks like the motor is going to be on the LEFT side of the machine. My main winch wires (goes from winch back to actuator) are BARELY long enough to reach if I route them along the left frame. I'd like to go along the right frame, but too short. My concern is that the exhaust is on the left side. Am I worrying for nothing? There are some other wires and components along that side of the frame and seem to be ok.
If the wires were longer, I'd just route along the right side...but then again, longer wires present problems of their own.

Of you guys out there with 420's...what side of the machine is your winch wiring on?
Thanks in advance!
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My motor is also on the left side, but I ran the wires down the right side (Warn supplied wire). They were exacly long enough, but I had to be choosy how I ran them (which I couldn't begin to describe without photos). I would not recommend running your wires anywhere close to the exhaust. This isn't to say that you can't get away with it, it'll work, but after a while (depending on the type of insulation and the proximity to the exhaust), the heat can make the insulation brittle (if it does not melt it first). do have a can go to an auto parts store and buy some 6 or 8 gauge wire, then route it where you want to.
Water itself wouldn't blow a fuse big enough to protect a winch motor, though corrosion caused by water could lead to a short circuit. FWIW, Warn does not supply or recommend the use of a fuse or circuit breaker on the motor circuit...I can't tell you why, but here's an email between myself and Warn customer service:


I have an RT-25 winch installed on my 2009 Honda Rancher. Because of the tight mounting location, the power studs on the winch are very close to metal parts of the frame (though not touching). In order to protect the wiring for the winch and prevent a possible fire hazard, I would like to install a high-capacity circuit breaker on the battery cable feeding the contactor. Can you tell me what the average current draw is when the winch is under normal use? How about peak current at max rated load? Thanks.




Although warn does not recommend adding a circuit breaker to the winch system, the max amp draw for the RT25 is 157 Amps.


Kyle Pfenning- Customer Service Representative

WARN Industries| Toll Free 800.543.9276| F: 503.722.3000|
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