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Winch wiring on same side as exhaust ok?

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Hey all,
2007 Rancher 420. Just got my winch and looks like the motor is going to be on the LEFT side of the machine. My main winch wires (goes from winch back to actuator) are BARELY long enough to reach if I route them along the left frame. I'd like to go along the right frame, but too short. My concern is that the exhaust is on the left side. Am I worrying for nothing? There are some other wires and components along that side of the frame and seem to be ok.
If the wires were longer, I'd just route along the right side...but then again, longer wires present problems of their own.

Of you guys out there with 420's...what side of the machine is your winch wiring on?
Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the replies. I've done automotive electrical systems for years and fully understand the principles behind more resistance with longer wires and also more resistance with hot (physically) wires. I went ahead and removed the winch wiring and tried to re-route it along the RIGHT side of the machine...and lo and fits! JUST BARELY though! I actually like the installation better not even considering the hot exhaust issue.
Now I can rest easy.

On a side note, doing post-install wiring and voltage checks, I found that both of my winch posts are hot all the time (12v) even when the machine is off. When the winch is in use, one of those gets GROUNDED (via the contactor) and makes the winch work. After double checking all my connections and such, I concluded that I had followed all the directions properly, and in fact, the winch is working fine and there is no draw when's just that the two winch leads are hot all the time, which kind of made me nervous.

One call to Promark, and they assured me that although not problematic, and many other users have reported the same issue with no adverse affects, that they would send me another contactor that DID NOT have that "feature" if I desired. I did desire, and they are sending me a new one that won't be hot all the time.
I can't say enough good about the customer service at PRomark.

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