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winch question

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dunno if I need to put this somewhere else or not but its a questions about a mod sooo...

Im wanting to put a winch on my Rancher but Im concerned about mounting it and it going under water when i go through deep holes. Is there a waterproof winch I should be looking at or is there a way to actually waterproof a winch, or at least a way to seal parts of one up to reduce the chance or water damage?

I found a great deal on a barely used winch but was told it wouldnt hold up to being submerged at all.
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I have a 300lbs Viper winch and it has seen some serious mud and water. I used a dialect grease(think thats how you spell it) on the connections and I also pulled the line out all the way sprayed the inside with general purpose grease just to help repell water a bit and then put a leather glove on filled my hand with grease and ran the cable through my hand as i put it back in, and every couple of rides I pull the line out and just spray it down. It has worked for me so far !!!!
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