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winch question

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dunno if I need to put this somewhere else or not but its a questions about a mod sooo...

Im wanting to put a winch on my Rancher but Im concerned about mounting it and it going under water when i go through deep holes. Is there a waterproof winch I should be looking at or is there a way to actually waterproof a winch, or at least a way to seal parts of one up to reduce the chance or water damage?

I found a great deal on a barely used winch but was told it wouldnt hold up to being submerged at all.
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Trust me guys if you take any winch under water or mud very often at all you might as well just throw your money in the trash they are not designed for that I know from experience I've tossed 3 of them because someone said that this one will hold up or that one will work. Dont do it. It will not last!....hope this helps.
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