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Winch Problems - Looking for Help

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I have a 2017 Foreman 500 with PS and push button transmission. I recently added a Warn 2500 winch and Warn 50” plow.
It was working great for about a month, but now it seems like the winch is drawing too much power and the winch struggles to reel back in and raise the plow blade. I have to rev the engine hard to get it to raise the blade without stalling. And it does so very slowly. The PS light comes on when I press the winch button. I have the winch toggle switch wired to the pink wire coming off the ignition. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to be taking power off the 12v accessory plug on the front? I store the quad on a battery tender every time I put it away. I even tried a brand new battery this morning and the same thing happened. Maybe the PS and push button transmission are drawing too much to allow for the winch?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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Well apparently he doesn’t have a lick of sense being he hooked the switch up to the pink wire. Hopefully he’ll continually to run it that way and it’ll burn to the ground and we won’t have to deal with his sorry ass anymore.

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