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Winch Problems - Looking for Help

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I have a 2017 Foreman 500 with PS and push button transmission. I recently added a Warn 2500 winch and Warn 50” plow.
It was working great for about a month, but now it seems like the winch is drawing too much power and the winch struggles to reel back in and raise the plow blade. I have to rev the engine hard to get it to raise the blade without stalling. And it does so very slowly. The PS light comes on when I press the winch button. I have the winch toggle switch wired to the pink wire coming off the ignition. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to be taking power off the 12v accessory plug on the front? I store the quad on a battery tender every time I put it away. I even tried a brand new battery this morning and the same thing happened. Maybe the PS and push button transmission are drawing too much to allow for the winch?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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Wow - really surprised about the lack of help from a forum community like this. Guess I'll find another place where hopefully folks can lend a hand.
you do realize this is a forum and not a 24 hour helpline right? some folks here have a life that keeps them from replying to every tread started?

MY question to you will be this,
how much plowing do you do and then HOW Long do you run the atv after your done plowing?
as its very HARD on a battery to be plowing with all the IN/OUT"S that are happening when plowing.
SO< if you do NOT run the atv long enough to re charge the battery FULLY
the next time you use it your at a lower power level and then repeat this a few times and you can KILL / ruin a battery in a short period of time!
even if its only a year or two old now, that doesn't mean your battery is still GOOD

NEXT question will be, do you KEEP this battery on a battery tender?
if not, I think you really need to
all the more so if this atv is kept outside

Since you didn;t provide any of this info, (where kept in side or outside, and it matters, or if on a maintainer or not, IT again matters on advice to resolve problems here)

BUT if you DO keep things on a tender and or run atv an LONG time after plowing to re charge atv's battery, and keep indoors

MY next suggestion will be, have a close look at the winches cable/wire rope/or syn(don't know this info either)
as some times things can come off the spool and wrap around the outer edge, and cause serious binding, which would effect how easy the spool turns or not

your ATV makes less power at LOW RPM"S too

your MAIN winch power lines should be directly wired to your battery too, so hope your's are and your using the pink wire just for the switch, so key needs to be on to work winch and NOT just that for power to winch?

old saying here,
better the info YOU give US
better the info we give YOU!

Patience is something also that must be learned when on a forum,
we all TRY to help when we CAN< but that doesn't';t mean its OUR JOB to solve your problems instantly just cause you post a tread on a forum!

Hope some of above helps you, and also HOPE< that you have the respect to post back if someone does HELP you

and or JUST respect,. no one likes to help a smart ass you know? LOL
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Wow, OK. Thanks for a ton of static and attitude. Enjoy your little group. The attitude is not helpful or appreciated.
feel free to go some where else and ask for FREE HELP
or go pay a dealer maybe
OR maybe BUY a service manual and learn how to fix things?

its NOT attitude its advice and suggestions, maybe if you knew the difference between them you might find life easier!
I gave you lots of help and advice!
guess your too smart to know that!
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