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Like the title says, I have a 2013 Foreman 500FM. I'm trying to install a brand new (2022) Warn VRX25 winch, and am pretty close to losing my mind. After most of a day, and removing several more bolts than the instructions called for, I finally got the first 2 bolts through the mounting plate and into the winch. The other two are supposed to go through the fairlead plate, the winch mounting plate and into the upper holes in the winch. The problem is that the "feet" of the winch are slightly wider than the upturned sides of the fairlead plate and it will not fit. In fact, NOTHING about this install has been anything remotely resembling easy. NOTHING has been what I would call "cooperative". Everything's been a battle.

Is this normal?

Has anyone else had this experience? I'm beginning to think perhaps I have the right mounting plate and the wrong winch.

I could modify the fairlead plate with a cutting torch, or a grinder with a cut-off wheel, but it seems like I shouldn't have to.

Anyone got any advice before I lose my mind?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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