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Winch contactor mount?

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Hey members throw up some pix of how you mounted your winch contactors.
I installed a winch on my 93. I’m disappointed to see the contactors have no protective cover. I saw @Manny post about dry box being preferred location so I’d like to see pix or cable routing
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Oh man I would be embarrassed to post pics of my winch contactors.... Was such a snug fit under the front hood of my Grizzly that it is just laying loose in a cavity near the air intake.... But it's not going anywhere...

And on my Rancher, we didn't find an obvious great place for it and didn't want to put it in the battery box, so it's just tucked up front above where the winch is, which is also tucked back up and in with the KFI mount, and just has a few zip ties around it keeping it from falling down. But I do ZERO deep mud riding. I much preferred having the "hood" on the Grizzly.

Also interested in seeing some of the better solutions out there.
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