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I am going to buy a Honda 1000 UTV, and I'll be riding remotely without any assistance to get out of a jam. Since it's a 1500 lb. machine, and I'm no spring chicken, this could pose a serious problem. I don't think a winch mounted in the std. positions would address many situations that I can envision. This machine will not have a plow mounted on it.

I have a winch on my Honda ATV in the std. front position, and I find the usage limited by the direction of pull that you are presented with. I know you can get a winch to hook on the trailer hitch, but that's the limit of my knowledge of such hook-ups. Can I somehow configure my set-up with one winch that I can switch to the front or rear depending on the stupid predicament that I get into? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm just hoping to do it right the first time for a change. LOL Thanks......
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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