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Willing to learn all that I can.

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Hi, this is my 1st bike that I am trying to keep up with the maintenance & fix with the help of others. I have a ATV 2016 Honda TRX420TE1 I am currently reading the service manual, looking up on Youtube but still can't seem to figure it out. I am reading about how to read how many times the display blinks when I turn the key. It won't shift gears, I finally learned how to manually shift with that bolt by the shift motor but that's about it. I'm just stuck & give up. I feel like the fuel pump is going out as well.
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The display only blinks when there are error codes, your display should come on and show a full screen with all the dash lit up for a second and then your gear location and speed shows up,which is zero, and hello honda shows up on the bottom.

Your going to need to count the dashes long and short, might take a few times but you will end up with, ex 7 long and 3 short, that is a code 7-3 in the manual.
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