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will theses fit! please read!

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i have a 98 honda fourtrax 300
frront tires are bad
my father gave me spare tires
but the tires i got on now are 23x8-11's
and the spares are 24x9-11's
will the 24x9-11's fit on the rim to replace the 23x8-11's?
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23 is diameter, 8" is width & 11" is rim size (diameter)

So, yes the tyres will fit your stock wheels, in the ideal world you would want the same diameter tyres on the rear as well. So 24" front and rear.
They come stock with 23's on the front to aid cornering and for ease of steering.
im so confused though. the 24x9-11 tire will fit on my rim with the 23x8-11 cause im going to the shop tommrow to get them changed takeing off the 23x8-11 and putting the
24x9-11 on the rim that the 23x8-11 came off
The '11' is the size of your rim, 23 is how tall your tyre is, 8 is how wide it is. Height and width can be changed as the tyre is flexible. In my picture (to your left) I have 24 x 10 - 11 fitted to the front, the same as the rear.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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