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will not idle

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hello i have a 87trx250r i bought from sombody and will not idle i manage to get it to kick cold on second kick but when let off throttle or push choke in shuts off. it runs 50-1 amsoil oil with 93 octane and has vforce delta 3 reeds thats about all i can tell ya. it wants to bog at 1/4 throttle but after that it screams some info would greatly appriciated thank you.
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well i cleaned it out but also noticed that the c ring on needle was all the way at the bottom setting. i put it in the center slot which should be stock right? and was is any of the screws on the side of carb adjustment screws/
there should be a adjusting idle screw on the bottom of the carb..if not..then it's on the will have a spring on for the is stock..the reason they put 5 groves in them is..for when your jet needle wears the seat..or your needle jet can lower or raise it to allow better fuel mixture.
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