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While I'm waiting for money for a wider Lonestar axle, I wanted to get some wheel spacers. is there a way i can custom make these without cutting the threads off of the hub and using a bolt to bolt it on the wheel? I really just want to make it 4 inches wider than stock. So 2in added to each side. Im tired of flipping it over sideways especially with my new Pro Tapers!!!
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you can have custom made spacers made I have to think, that would bolt onto you hubs and then have there own studs , My buddy with a machine shop has made many wheel spacers for guys over the yrs, so know its possible
BUT would it be cost effective??
WHAT about looking at wheels with different of sets?
and last, maybe learning to lean a little more LOL would help pprevent some of the roll over's
Body english can do a LOT, its many times what separate's the pro's from the NON pro's
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