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I have a set of Boss swing arm bearings awaiting install on my 300 as soon as I finish rebuilding the 350d rear. They are ball bearings. Not sure about other aftermarket ones

Fishfiles, I hope you're wrong about the aftermarket bearings. Once I replace the swing arm bearings, probably next week, it will not have a single OEM bearing left in it.

I do pull the seals and pack as much Red-n-Tacky in them as I can. Hopefully that will add some life to them.

BTW, there is dude that makes a replica of the OEM swing arm retaining nut tool that allows for proper torquing. His website is dhsracing dot com. Email him and tell him you want the retaining nut tool for a Honda ATV. $35 shipped for the tool or $40 shipped for the tool and 17mm Allen.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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