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Which size rear tire on a foreman

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I just bought two 09 foremans last weekend. Love them! I bought a set of swamp fox plus tires and itp ss212 wheels. I got them from the dealer, which was a better price than mail order because there was a mess up on my bikes not being at a store 45 min from my home and having to drive 5 hours to get them. Anyway, to long of a story. After I got the tire wheel kit in the truck, I noticed the tires were the same size front and back. 26x9-12. Is this norm? I looked and swamp fox plus also comes in a 26x12-12. That seems like what should go on the rear...??? It looks fine with the 9" tire on back, but may lack some floataion? Should I resell the rear tire to a buddy, and get the 12", or keep them? Anyone run this tire???? Thanks

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Well. Stock on the foreman is 25-8-12 front and 25-10-12 rear.

So, to answer the question, if you don't want 9s on both front and back you can switch it, but I think they just sold you what they had, more than likely.

Will it matter? Only you can judge that.
The 9" swamp fox plus on a 7" wheel is accually the same width if not a touch wider than the 25x10-12 rear. I was told that it helps with turning by running the narrower rear tire. Sales pitch?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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