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which exhaust?

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I am chunking my stock exhaust for a hmf one. my question is, is there any difference between a standard hmf pipe, and a gorilla hmf pipe? other than a gorilla face on it. sound? power gains?
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I've never seen one with a Gorilla on it. Here is all the pipes offered for your machine...

The Honda Foreman nameplate suggests it’s an overseer, the chief who supervises the
rest. As a veteran in the ATV workforce, the Foreman has had to earn its name within a
morphing fleet of Honda ATVs. We decided it was time to reinvigorate the Foreman’s look
and attitude with an HMF slip on exhaust system. The design gained 10% horse power
and lost a tremendous amount of weight over stock.

HMF Performance Series: Setting the standard for power and value, the HMF Performance Series has been tested for over a decade with endless championships. The specially designed, unrestricted core allows the exhaust to increase power evenly throughout the entire power curve. The Performance Series has the signature HMF sound with industry-leading end cap and color options, giving you a completely custom look and sound.

Penland Pro Series: Backed by the ATV legend Mike Penland, the Penland Pro Series was developed for serious off road racers and trail riders striving to achieve more low end torque. The removable Torque Range Modifer adds a low-to-mid range punch, allowing quads to hook-up better in rough conditions. The exhaust is made of T6061 aluminum and is air-rivoted shut for complete durability.

Swamp Series: Don’t let the name fool you, the Swamp Series is more than a deep-mudding machine. It is the original in setting new standards for horse power, sound, and durability. What makes the Swamp Series so unique is the 5-inch diameter shell. This gives the exhaust more internal volume which, in turn, produces larger horse power gains. The large mechanical core directs and controls sound pulses to keep sound levels approximately 1-2 dB over stock. It’s shell is made of 304 stainless steel and the inlet is TIG-welded shut for a water tight seal.

Swamp XL Series: The younger brother of the Swamp Series, the Swamp XL (extra loud) offers slightly more horse power than the standard Swamp Series. What makes this exhaust different is the non-restrictive core. Since there is nothing inside the core controlling sound pulses, the exhaust is louder than ever. Strap this to your machine and we guarantee you will be heard by everyone.

All HMF exhausts feature:

•USFS approved spark arrestor included
•304 stainless steel flanges, headpipes & S-bends
•Tough T6061 aluminum or lightweight Carbon Kevlar exhaust shells
•Volumized, high performance glass wool packing
•Significantly lighter when compared to stock systems
•Made in the U.S.A.
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Nope, you won't find any quality pipe for $100. Unless it is used.
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