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Hello all, I’m currently working on getting my 85 250sx ready for riding season. I’m planning on replacing the oem 8” rims for some after market 12”s, don’t worry I’ll be keeping the 8” rims aswell lol. The part I’m in need of some help with is the front wheel, the manual says that the front rim offset is 3.5+5, I’d like something a little more on the skinny side, but with the offset being weird it’s making it very confusing for me to find something that will fit centre. Would someone with better math skills be able to tell me what other sizes would work with or without spacers? I’m not the best with math to begin with but the fact that it has to be centred and the offset is a weird size makes it even harder for me. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and keep on triking!
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