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wheel bearing question?

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I have an 09 rancher at, and i took my wheels off today to try to pack my wheel bearings???? Im confused I thought you were supposed to pack them every year or so, but they looked like sealed and my dad both just scratched our heads and put the wheels back on until I get some more information on it.....does anyone know, or has anyone done this before? I bought some expensive amsoil water resistant grease for atvs and now I dont know if i can use it....if it matters i do ride in alot of water, mud and sand...mainly water though
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all sealed bearings can be's not hard at all to pull the seals out..and repack them...take a small screw driver..anything that is very small...a utility knife works from the blades edge..pry up on the seal..repack it..both sides..push the seals back in..thats all there is to it.
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