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What would u do?

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The boy decided at the last minute that he wanted to go the GNCC National at Power Line Park in OH. So we loaded up the truck and went.

So there were 17 riders in the Schoolboy 13-15 Novice. They threw the green flag and he dumped the clutch and all he did was spin and the other 16 riders jumped out to a 50 yard head start. It didn't take long for him to relize that he was over powering the wet grass so he shifted into third to bogg the engine to get some traction. He cought the pack as they were entering the holeshot turn and kept it pinned on the out side and he passed 12 riders before he hit the woods.He said he went about 200 yards and he passed the other 4 riders and he had the lead.

He said he just paced himself to learn the track and he crossed the checkpoint in first. He said on the 2 lap he decided to turn up the heat and leave them in the dust.My buddy was at the huge mud hole and he said Michael came to the mud hole with a HUGE lead around 30 to 40 seconds. He was taking the long route around the mudhole. When a Pro Factory rider from the pm race flagged him down and pointed him into the huge mud pit. He hit it pinned and this hole sucked him in and darn near threw him over the bars and there he was stuck. What did this pro rider who is Michaels favorite rider do.He turned his head and walked away and left this 12 yr old kid stuck. My buddy came running down off the hill and it took him over 2 and a half minutes to dig him out. He fell WAY back, but he rode like hell and fought his way back to third in class and 136th overall out of 275 riders. He finished 2 minutes and 3 seconds behind the first place rider. Which is an awesome finish for a kid who isn't even old enough to be there. But this kid had that race won. He was so mad, He allmost cryed. He said dad they couldn't keep up.I was passing riders left and right.

I was so pissed I went looking for the Pro Factory rider at his trailer. But my buddies had to pull me away. They said it wasn't worth getting him banned for life from the Nationals.

Would u talk to him at the next national or would u just let it go. I want to go to the next national and find the baddest place and wait and point him to the worst line and leave him there stuck,and then tell him after the race why I did it.
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That is racing, the pro rider wanted to see people go through the mud. Just like when the pros are racing, some people point them towards the fast line, some point them to the slop. No one is obligated to jump in and help just like your son was not obligated to choose that line. He should have stuck with the line that he knew worked for him.
I wish all the best for your kid in the rest of the season. I'm a perfect example of, "shoulda stuck to my same line". i had a race back in feb. and i took what I thought would be a faster line. I ended up with a separated shoulder and out of riding for 5 months and lost 3 sponsors.
It was more like this...

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LOL, when I tried to lift my arm to grab my handle bars. A bunch of spectators helped me get up, I tried to get back on to limp back to the pits. That is when i first realized I had done some damage.
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