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What should I go from here?

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Where should I go from here?

Hey guys,

I bought a 98 300ex off a guy that ran pretty good but it was knocking from the top end like a tink-tink knock didn't bog or anything when I was test driving it. It needed new clutch plates and he had some that came with the quad that were brand new EBC Dirt Racer brand... also had the clutch cover gasket.

Took it out riding that weekend all was great ran fine just the knocking was still going and the clutch needed some new plates but wasn't bad.

So a couple days later I drained the oil changed and took the cover off and found quite a bit of metal shavings down under the oil screen so I checked all the bearings and they were all in good shape and went ahead and changed out the clutch plates and put it all back together and as I was putting the nuetral switch on it sheared off and I had to get it out and get a new one so I finally got it all back together. and it started up and ran good and the clutch was now fixed.

Anyways I took it out riding that weekend and was doing some trails and I pulled in the clutch to check my battery to see if it had fallen out because it's only held in by zip ties and the engine just died on me. So I tried to start it back up again and it wouldn't start... the starter motor was turning but the engine was not.

So I got home and checked all the fuel lines and such and it was all clean no obstructions checked the spark plug and it looked ok nice blue spark... put my fingers over the plug hole and checked the compression and it blew by fingers back so now I'm stuck... Any ideas?
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If the chain had that much slack in it I would replace the chain and chain guides your low compression could be some of the cams fault but more than likely it need a top end rebuild.
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