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I don’t know good from bad but I do know why they will snap.

The weld causes the cast steel to puddle in a way that it shouldn’t, technically speaking manufacturers should know this and avid doing somor weld accordingly. You’d need a LOT of power/amps to weld it with a very low wire feed.
I’ve never seen one but I’d bet my last dollar they snap around the she of the weld or a few mm from the weld.
The key to welding such an item is heat, a LOT of heat, regardless of being heat treated/tempered/annealed.

I’m quite surprised they even manufacture them in this way.
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It’s not that they snap it’s that there is no smooth surface for the shims to ride against so how would you ever get it shimmed if anybody does that anyways.

Pressed and welded the difference is obvious, just have to look closely before buying.

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