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What is done for the 20hr maintenance on the TRX400?

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When I purchased my TRX400 about 2 weeks ago they told me that there was a 20hr maintenance that needed to be done. The Honda store that I bought it from seems to be very reputable so I am taking their word that this is something that "must" be done. They gave me a price of around $210 for this 20hr service which includes them picking up and dropping off my 4-wheeler back to my house. Do you guys recommend I have this done at the dealer? Is this something I can do myself? What does this 20hr maintenance consist of? I am ordering a shop manual is there any that you guys like or should I just get a Haynes manual? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance....
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Exactly what is done I'm not sure, but I know they adjust the valves, cables, do an oil change if you haven't already done one, etc.
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