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What is done for the 20hr maintenance on the TRX400?

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When I purchased my TRX400 about 2 weeks ago they told me that there was a 20hr maintenance that needed to be done. The Honda store that I bought it from seems to be very reputable so I am taking their word that this is something that "must" be done. They gave me a price of around $210 for this 20hr service which includes them picking up and dropping off my 4-wheeler back to my house. Do you guys recommend I have this done at the dealer? Is this something I can do myself? What does this 20hr maintenance consist of? I am ordering a shop manual is there any that you guys like or should I just get a Haynes manual? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance....
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They are going to go over every bolt. Change your fluids, adjust valves and cables...Just like Pain said. I would go ahead and have them do it. This way if something does go wrong it is on them, they can't question whether it has been taken care of. You should do all the other maintenance. I pay the Honda shop to give my quad a good inspection at the beginning of every year. The change every fluid, and adjust everything.

It is a huge peace of mind thing for me.
They also receive the quads not assembled. So they have some 15 year old kid that works part time after school as their lot tech. Guess what his job is, to put together all those machines.
I recommend having them do a bumper to bumper service once a year. The lube everything, make sure everything is still in spec, and everything else that most people forget to do.
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