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what is 3000rpm on a 400ex

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I have an 06 400ex, i am putting a stage 2 hot cam. and i was wondering what 3000rpms is on a 400ex? Whats the best speed,gear ,etc? How can i tell?
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well Idle is about 1400 +/- 100 so I would say 1st gear 1/4 throttle 2nd about 1/2 3rd about 3/4 ect ect. Once you get to 3rd though as soon as the engine starts to wind up would be about what your looking for for all the rest of the gears ,,,Just a guess??
If you are breaking in the cam just ride it at a constant speed for a few min I know the instructions say don't drop below 2 or 3000 RPMs for the first 15 min of riding.
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