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Hello, I recently bought a used 2007 400ex. I got a pretty good price on it, and it ran awesome when I tested it. I got home and decided it would be a good idea to do basic maintenance on it, change oil, replace oil filter, clean air filter, cleaned & lubed chain. I completely forgot to check oil when I was testing it, but I did check it when I got home. It wasn't even on the dipstick, so i poured some random 10w-30 oil in it to circulate around before I changed it with Honda HP4. When I drained it, after adding a quart of the random oil, it came out black, so needless to say, the guy who owned it before me wasn't big on maintenance. There is some ticking and im pretty sure its the valves. I want to powerwash it before I adjust the valves to get all the mud and dirt off. I wont have access to a powerwasher for a week or so. So i was wondering if theres anything else i can check or do. The guy i bought it from had no idea what kind of aftermarket parts are on it, from what i can see, the frame was anodized red, and powder coated aftermarket a-arms (wish I knew the brand). This is the only picture I have, it was on the ride home, but I can get more if someone needs to see a specific part.
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