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What do i have - VIN lookup

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I bought a Honda off of an older gentleman that is no longer around.
After several years of use the electronic shift is not working and I'm trying to buy a bypass kit and can't tell exactly what I have. Can anyone help by decoding the VIN...

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Try this:
I'm interested in where on the quad you found that. Do you have a winch, ours does and I'm wondering if it might be underneath there.
No winch. That vin is in the same cross bar area that a which would mount... in the front flat (low) behind the headlights.
ok ya
How is that accurate? 10th digit says it is a 2009 and the look up says 21 yrs old. I'll call honda tomorrow this shouldn't have taken this long.
Thank you all.
10th digit is a 2, isn't it? that means 2002?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts