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What Can I do?

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I have a 2007 Honda Rancher 400AT and I wanted to do a few upgrades to it and wanted some opinions. Its been a good quad for me but it does lack power. I put the K&N air filter on it and jet kit but it actually ran worse then stock. The engine used to surge at about mid-top end and I found that the K&N filter chocked the engine off more then the stock filter when oiled. Clean the filter oil out of it and let it dry and it ran great. I do have a outwears pre filter on it but with oil it is just too restrictive. I was just wondering what i can do to give it that little extra. I am putting MudLites on it but am not sure it I have the power to turn them since I am a bigger guy(about280lbs). I have seen clutch kits for it in Dennis Kirk but how does that work with no belts and such? Also, what can I do for suspension upgrades? I just want a little better ride but can't seem to find and shocks to fit it.:sad:
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Welcome to the forums, I'm not very familiar with your machine but other members here are and they can provide you more info. One thing I'd look into is exhaust, past that I'm not sure.
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