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What are the lightest atv tires in 25”

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What are the lightest 25” tires
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I was told that the Maxxis Zillas are one of the lightest tires made.

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Im bored at work so i figured id do some searching for some of the most popular tires i have been seeing lately.

Maxxis M911Y(Front) & M912Y(Rear)*Very Very Similar To The OEM Tread
25X8-12 = 13.6lbs
25X10-12 = 17.5lbs

Maxxis Zilla
24X10-11 = 16.5lbs(Stock Size)
24X8-12 = 13.4lbs(Stock Size)
25X8-12 = 14.8lbs
25X10-12 = 17.90lbs

Mazzis MudZilla
25X8-12 = 23.7
25X10-12 = 28.1

ITP Mud Lite AT
25X8-12 = 15.5lbs
25X10-12 = 19.5lbs

Kenda Bear Claws
25X8-12 = 17.8lbs
25X10-12 = 23.0lbs

Kenda Executioner
25X8-12 = 20.4lbs
25X10-12 = 24.8lbs

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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