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water in box

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ok fellas,how am i getting water in airbox and trying to stall,,1st not enough water in box to reach filter but it's pissing me off..carb. vent lines ran to speedo,snorkle,,silicone at airbox intake,,grease applied to airbox lid seal
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specifically took that little shit off,,wipe it off good and blew like hell in it,,yep,,wrap lips all the way around it,,no chance that doggy has a hole in it
'09 foreman,,,i've even taken snrkl. off semi air pressure checked in tub of water
done it fastas,,barely cover snrkl. shuts right off,,,was wondering possibly where the 2 mini filters are in airbox,,i know the top one goes on like a sock runs back thru box,,maybe coming in from little rubber grommet there?
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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