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wanted a starter reduction gear

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I am in need of 2 25t reduction gears for Hondas trx350 part # 28131-HA0-680 If anyone has 1 or 2 that they don't need
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sorry doing way to many double shifts real short at work but the reason for 2 is I have 2 86 trx350s I have a 25t but its broke in half bought two off ebay and 1 is way too thick the other is just a little bit too thick so a waste of 100 bucks there and the machine shop says they wont turn them down for me, Its my fault I typed in 25t gear for Honda and some came up for different years so I thought that's just what I needed not thinking there could be different thickness,
reading up on these I guess they made this gear for different years and some 3 wheelers that are the same, all this is because I like to own old school things nows heres the kicker 1 350 is mine the 2nd one was my parts machine my son came home for a visit he lives a couple hours away and works a lot but he checks out what I have done to my trx in the past couple months and says heres a grand see where you can get with that and build me one from your parts quad
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please do that would help a lot thanks
Honda parts nation should have it.
no they don't but it was a place to look thanks
yes its the right number but I may have found out something else there is a kit on ebay that says its an updated gear set for this machine the gears are different numbers so all the parts that I have laying around I may have something that might work this kit says it has a 22t instead of the 25t and the double gear is a 15 by 43 the one I have is I believe is 18 by 43.The bad part is that there is just what I need on ebay now for 100 but with the holidays coming up I really don't have the cash right now for it,I guess for right now I can still just kick start it
I got it working I think this will work, one of the thicker ones I have I put it on the bike but with the cover tightened down it binds so I made a thicker gasket for the cover and it seems to work, no leaks turns over real nice, so I guess time will tell I am planning on checking it in a week or so to see if anything is wearing wrong but for now it has electric start
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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