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wanted a starter reduction gear

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I am in need of 2 25t reduction gears for Hondas trx350 part # 28131-HA0-680 If anyone has 1 or 2 that they don't need
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I heard those are as rare as elephant chit in a canary cage ! I punched that number in a couple of places for you and no hits
Shade , how is your buddy doing , I talked with him for an hour one time , down to earth and very knowledgeable , super nice guy , told me bring a trailer and a fist full of dollars and I could load up on 300's

I am going to take a stab at this , but 350's are not my main stay , I " think " the 25t gear was used on early models and for just one year or so , and the later models were 41t gears ----so what year is he actually looking for
I know what you mean about e-bay , when you do a search it will give you a few parts with the same number you punched in and then fill the space with parts that are close , I always read the fine print of the description before pulling the trigger ------ I don't have any 350's in my fleet , but have parted a few out and read many threads on 350's , seems you are looking for a very rare piece -------------- how much would have to come off the one that you have that is thicker , maybe grind off a little at a time with a grind , I say a little at a time so you do heat it up too bad and lose the temper , seems they should be able to mill it , but they might be afraid of breaking cutting tools on it
are you sure that is the right part number , as it comes up with a different number of teeth

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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