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Very newbie questions

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Hi, my neighbor brought me a 1994 300 that he has been unable to get running for over a year. First off I have very limited experience working on motorcycles, and I suck at internet stuff so be gentle with me. I got the engine to turn over but i cant get an juice to the spark plug. What should i check next. I know this is simple stuff, but i would appreciate any help. Thanks
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simple , the kill switch in the off position , spark plug boot to wire connection or a blown fuse --------- I would give it a 90% chance it is the CDI , but could be the coil , stator , pick up/ trigger , bad wiring or connection , the test for a CDI is : if every other test is ok then the CDI is bad , simple , aaaaa !
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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