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seen a guy at white lake atv park in mud,water,,everything with no problems at all.??? about venting the carb...every time i see the hoses they are going straight up to top of bars,snrkl. etc. do they noy pull air? would it make a difference to turn them down once they're up high?? I'm new ,have not done mine yet,,,just asking
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That top vent hose probably pulls a little air, but not much. I think it just vents the rubber diaphragm in the top of the carb that raises the slide up and down. If it didn't have a vent, it couldn't move up and down. The other hose is just a gas overflow line.
If I was going to the trouble of putting a snorkel on, I would put it higher than that, because of splashing water. I would do it like Fastas has his.

Sometimes you won't think the water is that deep and then all of a sudden, you will drop down in a deep hole.
not doubting you guys,,,like i said i'm new,,this guy was completely under for a few secs. could his snrkl. being turned down be the difference,,kinda like putting a glass straight down in water creates an air pocket and the water will not go in the glass??
Oh, you're saying his snorkel was under. I just now figured out what you were saying. It may have gotten an air bubble in it because of the way the end of it turned down and then again, he may have just gotten lucky. I would still run it higher if I was going to snorkel one.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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