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seen a guy at white lake atv park in mud,water,,everything with no problems at all.??? about venting the carb...every time i see the hoses they are going straight up to top of bars,snrkl. etc. do they noy pull air? would it make a difference to turn them down once they're up high?? I'm new ,have not done mine yet,,,just asking
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don't know,,seriously,i guess that's the real ??? do the 2 hoses on carb. pull air??
i'm cofused,,if they don't suck air then why do they need to be above water level
uh,,jus' curious,,,like i said this guy was everywhere,,,i don't have to understand I know it works the way he had it,,his snkrl. was btween gas cap and seat,,only about 4'' above cap
not doubting you guys,,,like i said i'm new,,this guy was completely under for a few secs. could his snrkl. being turned down be the difference,,kinda like putting a glass straight down in water creates an air pocket and the water will not go in the glass??
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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