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Valve Seals?

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I have a leaky valve seal how hard is it to replace them? its an 87 TRX250x
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nope..not hard..but..what makes you think it's your seals ?? could be your rings ??..or both ! it smoking alot ???.
I fugure its the seals cause i had the head pipe off the other day to do some exhaust work on it and took a peek in the motor and one valve looks nice and normal and the over is completely gunked up and nasty looking plus it likes to smoke prety good.
well...if it smokes alot..and you got alot of build up on one of your valves..i would say it's time for new trx said..time for a new top end job..and new rings..this will take care of all your top end problems. not to more
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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