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Value of Power Steering option

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Hey guys, looking at an 09 Rancher 420. What would the power steering option have cost the original buyer at the time the bike was purchased new?

Second, what value does it have in the used market? I. E. two identical 09 420's with 350 miles. One with power steering one without, what should the price difference be?
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Per Kelly Blue Book, the current retail US price of an 09 420 AT with and without PS is 5345 with vs. 4915 without.

I have PS on an 08 foreman and I love it. I won't own another quad without it, and for the few hundred bucks on these used machines I'd definitely go with the PS if all other things are equal... and if you can afford it.
I didn't even think to check KBB. Thanks!

I sure would love to find an 09 AT at $4915. I'm looking at one tomorrow (no EPS) for $2195 and it's the best deal I can find. In a 750 mile radius I could only find 4 used 09's for sale and 2 of them are sold already.

Twin cities dealers quoting $6900 out the door on a 2010 AT so I figure I'm doing ok at $5200 with only 300 miles.
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