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Utility Trailer and Plow

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I'm looking for a utility trailer and I found this one:
Products ? Moose Utility Division

I can get it in Canada for $500 or so.. which is alright.

I'll be using it to haul wood and to lug dirt/rocks around.

Will it be good enough or can someone recommend anything else?

I'm looking for a plow:

Is the Click N Go 2 plow setup worth getting?

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not sure where you live exactly or plan to use the trailer
if you plan to use on mostly level roads and about your land
I honestly would recommend just buying a better trailer, something like a 5x8 utility trailer, that can be used behind your truck, many times they can be had used for about the same price and will carry more wood, and even the atv if ever needed
unless your in DEEP mud or on a steep hill, that foreman will pull it (just be advice on going DOWN Hills with more weight behind you than the atv weight, a trailer can PUSH things)
we use even larger trailer behind our atv's at hunting camp to haul wood and other things!

as for that plow set up?
I did a little looking, and it looks OK
BUT personally I have a Moose plow, and have beat the crap out of it for almost 20 yrs and its been bullet proof
takes a little bit to get used to putting it on, but I can install mine in about a minute now?

if SPEED is your bigger concern, I would suggest a front mount plow over a mid mount period
you DON"T loose any ground clearance, , fast and easy to install, take off, and you can stack show higher

BUT they tend to cost more than mid mounts, and MID mounts are typically stronger set up!

again, based on what I have done with mine, I cannot say a bad word about it, and I plow dirt, stone, gravel sand, concrete chunks, broken up pavement, logs, , you name it, I have pushed it with my Moose plow/mid mount
one summer alone I pushed like 120 ton of gravel with it?
its seen hard use and still works like it did day one!

what ever plow you get, get a 60 inch blade, any shorter, and when at full angle, you don't leave much room on the sides for a clear path for your tires to run it!

if you do a search here there are many treads on ATV snow plows!
info you might find interesting reads?
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