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As some of you know I have been chasing a no spark problem on a 91 fourtrax. I have not done much the last several days as I am stacked up getting ready for winter. I DID want to post to give kudos to Helmut for suggesting that I had my meter on the wrong range while testing the pulse coil, Good Call. For those of you out there that may be making the same mistake as I did here is what was going on. On my normal meter a micronta (Radio Shack) I think. I thought that if the meter was set on 1 ohm range o is o ohms (shorted) and 100% range is 1 ohm same for 10, 100, 1000 ohm ranges. Not true, on the 10 ohms range reading 38 is 380 ohms, on the 100 range 3.8 is 380 ohms. Maybe this will help someone else with the same misunderstanding. As far as removing the side cover to replace the pulse coil the reason that the side cover was stuck at the shift lever was because for some reason the dowell pin aft and below the shift lever was glued pretty well with some varnish looking stuff. I freed it with 4 or 5 good solid wacks with a block of wood and a rubber mallet directed to the hammer lug on the lower back of the case. I ordered parts and when they arrive will give a full report or ask for more help. Going for now. WS.
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