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Update on my 400 Rancher problem

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My Honda rancher 400 2005 will now, along with the problem in my last post, not go into nuetral. Mechanically it will, but it won't register to the machine that it's in neutral and the safety feature keeps it from cranking. I can sometimes shake the quad around a bit and the nuetral light will flash, so I hold the crank button until the light flashes on and the quad will crank. When it's not showing N, it says -- in the box.

My previous post was called "2005 Rancher 400 Not Hitting High Gears"
this atv has given me nothing but problems since I bought it in 06

I'd appreciate any advice
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Preload? I guess you just mean that testing procedure diagram you posted right?
Oh and my atv was doing this before we took it to honda and the serviceman said that it was some connection that was corroded or dirty or something like that and he cleaned it. It seemed to fix that problem but it's started doing it again.
Yes it did that once. It wouldn't start from me shaking it so I squeezed the brake kinda hard and it registered as in neutral.
So that's the nuetral thing, but if he fixed that and cleaned it then how can that plug still be the cause of it not hitting the high gears?
Actually the first problem that showed itself was the lack of speed. Then we took it to yamaha, they did a clutch rebuild, and we got it back. I was trying to crank it one day and it wouldn't go into nuetral. After that it sat for two years. We took it to Honda, they cleaned the carb and gaslines and all of that to get it running, and cleaned that plug. They said that the plug was what was causing the problem. (it didn't fix the lack of gear change) but made it register as in N. Now both problems are back again.

So after the paint is faded, the metal more rusted, and about $800 spent, we're back where we started.:icon_cussing:

my point is that it wouldn't shift even before the dealer touched it.

apparently everyone is. I have an 06 Bombardier 650 as well, and it's battery is gone so it's been sitting a while. If i were to try and start it with the bad gas in it would it make a bigger problem?
Ok I imagined that answer. I realy just want to fix my 650 and sell the 400.
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