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Update on my 400 Rancher problem

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My Honda rancher 400 2005 will now, along with the problem in my last post, not go into nuetral. Mechanically it will, but it won't register to the machine that it's in neutral and the safety feature keeps it from cranking. I can sometimes shake the quad around a bit and the nuetral light will flash, so I hold the crank button until the light flashes on and the quad will crank. When it's not showing N, it says -- in the box.

My previous post was called "2005 Rancher 400 Not Hitting High Gears"
this atv has given me nothing but problems since I bought it in 06

I'd appreciate any advice
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Im still thinking angle sensor preload.
Oh and my atv was doing this before we took it to honda and the serviceman said that it was some connection that was corroded or dirty or something like that and he cleaned it. It seemed to fix that problem but it's started doing it again.
Yeah thats the plug that goes to the angle sensor. they are famous for corroding.That sensor tells the ecm what gear you are in.
Simply unplug it and clean with a good sensor safe electrical cleaner. Then put a good amount of dielectric grease on the plug and reinstall.
I was thinking if it was removed when the dealer serviced it they may have been installed the sensor incorrectly.Just a idea

LOL im stumped!!
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