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update ole 300 4x4

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I have it all back together. Rebuilt carb, runs perfect but float sticking? I forgot to put the little washer and pin over one end of the rear brake pads. Will this cause problems? New rear drive, new rear brake hub, new rear brake cover, new brake pads, new rear brake backing plate, new bearings, new seals, new O-rings and a 2" lift. Fourtrax, thanks for the help yesterday. I went by Wally world and didnt realize they sale a "gear oil pump" with a small hose. That will take care of that filling problem. Feel like a idiot now but ok, never to old to learn something so simple. Now I am going to check the front end but it seems to be ok but want to change oil in front end, check wheel bearings, etc. I have put about $800.00 into it now. I need to put some wheels on it or maybe paint the stock ones. Submarine, your 300 is killer!! Good looking bike. Do you think the ole 300 rear drive, etc. can handle it? Thanks for all the help on here. I would have not been able to tackle this project without it.
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You do need the washer and pin. In my experience if it was there in the beginning it needs to be there. Lol
as for my 300 I don't get it in thick mud or a bad bind so knock on wood it's held up for a long time so far.
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